Please make your reservation before 3 days in advance of boarding date. If you like to make the reservation within 3 days, you can only make a reservation when there is space available on the boat scheduled to depart. Therefore, in the case, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail.
About reservation
※If you like to make reservation of charter, please input your favorite time. (Afternoon, waves will be higher, so we recommend earlier time.)
※We cannot accept the women who have possibility of pregnancy and children less than 3 years old for safety concerns.
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Customer information
※Please input the phone number with which we can contact you on the day.
※Mobile e-mail such as ezweb may be hard to reach. If you do not mind, we recommend you to enter PC mail
※If there is no message from us, even after 3 days have passed, the mail from us may not have arrived successfully at your address. In that case, sorry to trouble you, but thank you for your call at 0880-43-1058.
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Accommodation and Transport
※In some regions, we cannot contact you with phone.In the case, we inform you through the front of your accommodation
The accommodation of previous night
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