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Our main communication is via WhatsApp. If you currently don't have one or it changes, please update ASAP.
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Family or students' medical insurance details, in case of emergency.
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If your child is not immunised please tick the field 'none'. If you are unsure please just tick what you know.
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Please share any additional information about the student that would be useful for the teachers to be aware of. Such as any known learning difficulties, physical restrictions and useful behaviour strategies that you use at home.
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We serve to protect the privacy of the children and we do not release any personal information. Discreet and respectful images of the school activities may sometimes be shared with parents or for marketing. Please tick 'no' if you prefer that your child is not included in any of these images.
Understanding of school fee payment policy *
School Fee Payment policy for long term students (over 1 term). School fees are to be paid before the commencement of each term. If payments are unable to be met on time, it is essential that the school be contacted. Late payments still outstanding two weeks after the payment due date will automatically incur a late payment fee of 1% of the total amount owed, calculated weekly. Failure to meet payments on time could result in the temporary removal of your child attending the school until full payment has been made. The school's budget is calculated based on confirmed enrolment numbers and financial commitments are made to teaching staff, administration and operational costs. Therefore, any unexpected changes to enrolment can significantly affect the school’s operational budget. As a result, requests for pro-rated school fees as a result of unexpected departures, illness or extended holidays cannot be granted. There is no fee reduction made if a child is absent from the school during the school terms. In the event that your child does not complete a term of study, for any reason, refunds cannot be considered. Any withdrawal or change of programme must be informed in writing one (1) term (10 weeks) before the intended date of withdrawal or change of programme. In the case of necessary withdrawal or change of programme due to issues agreed between parents and the school, the child’s enrolment can be terminated or programme changed at an earlier time. For families with siblings, there is a 10% discount from the annual Tuition Fee for the second child and a 20% discount from the annual Tuition Fee for subsequent children.
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