Grindergard Server Application
The Grindergard Minecraft server is a semipublic community server for members of the Grindergard/Soapbox community. The server is a "french vanilla" survival minecraft server running a light suite of mods and datapacks for quality of life, utility, and chill fun. The community is LGBTQ+ and PoC inclusive, antifascist, and dedicated to fostering creativity and light-hearted fun.

If that sounds like your kind of fun, feel free to apply!

Please note that the server has limited capacity, and it is possible that not all qualifying applicants will be accepted. If you would like to skip the application process, you can pledge to the Miner tier on my patreon for monthly access, but you will still be bound by the server rules: Before you apply, make sure you have already joined the community discord server.
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