Hello! Please choose the games you are interested in playing here. I'll add people who are interested in the same game to a Whatsapp or Discord group where we can figure out a timing that could work for everyone or at least most people.

Please note the following:
- All games are $30 per session before 1st June (payment must be made by 31/5 23:59 to secure this pricing)
- Sessions are $35 from 1st June
- No refunds for confirmed games unless we don't have enough folks to run.
- Toward the end of the moth a matching process will begin as i comb though the data matching people who want to play the same games at the same places. I will then send everyone a link to select your available days.
- No prep is required for our games. Just show up and we'll run through rules and setting and provide you with precons!
- For campaigns a quick session zero may be required, but it's free and often done online!
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What do you wanna play?
These games are all beginner friendly and I'll go through the rules very quickly to have you up and running in no time!
More info on games:
Learn to play campaigns (If you have already filled the learn to play forms, you can ignore this!)
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