Form for potential volunteers in META, o.p.s.
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Please, tell us why do you want to get involved in the activieties of META as a volunteer. In what type of work would you like to participate (tutoring, club Čekuj!, or others)? What concretely do you expect from the work?
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Here you can leave us a note with important information, a wish or special needs.
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Information duty
For the purpose of starting the cooperation, we need to obtain some of your personal data, such as: name, surname, e-mail, telephone. Data processing is granted to META, o.p.s. – association for opportunities of young migrants („Administrator“). The data provided are collected and stored in a secure repository for the purpose of the aforementioned cooperation (communication with the potential volunteers, processing the registration for the program and statistical data, and further communication with the volunteers enrolled in the program etc.) for its duration and a mandatory archiving set up for 5 years after the cooperation is terminated. The archiving period is in accordance with the internal guidelines of the Administrator.
Personal data processing policy is available online at:
Thank you for your time. After submitting the form our coordinator will contact you to arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to our cooperation!
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