“Training Permaculture Teachers” Course, Kosters Trädgårdar, Sydkoster, Sweden, November 5-12, 2019
Hosted by Kosters Trädgårdar, a permaculture project on an island off the West Coast of Sweden.
The course is available to PDC holders from any country, and is designed for those who want to teach participatory learning methods based on the work of Rosemary Morrow and also on the “Permaculture Educators Course”.

With Alfred Decker, Cathrine Dolleris and co-teacher Helena von Bothmer

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Costs for course. We use a sliding scale and ask you contribute between 8000SEK and 12 000SEK depending on your economic situation. Check with Helena if you are uncertain.
Please pay a booking fee of 1000SEK by July 1st. to reserve your place. This fee is not refundable unless the organiser has to cancel the course. Last payment by October 1st.
Payment to: IBAN: SE09 6000 0000 0003 57373502; BIC: HANDSESS.
Or from Swedish account: BG 5129-4429.

Please note your name and the name of the course when paying.
If you need an invoice, we can send you one - contact helena@kosterstradgardar.se.

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For more information please contact Helena through email: helena@kosterstradgardar.se
Or through Facebook: Kosters Tradgardar.
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