Instrument Application - Glyn School 2019/2020
Here at Glyn School, we are very lucky to have high calibre musicians to tutor students. We currently offer lessons for a vast range of instruments including:
Guitars, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Vocals and Percussion

Our teachers are:
Ms Chalmers (violin/viola), Dr A Taylor (cello), Mr D Valenti (woodwind), Dr P Bishop (double bass/brass), Mr S Leeson (piano/keyboard/oboe), Mr J Atkinson (guitar), Mr D Criscuolo (guitar), Mr J Hills (bass guitar), Mr N Joyce (drums/percussion) and Ms D Morley (voice)
Violin, viola and cello lessons run through Surrey Arts - How do I apply for this?
The process for learning to play violin, viola and cello is not done through the school. Please apply directly vis Surrey Arts by completing their online form which can be accessed from the Surrey County Council - Surrey Arts Website.
How much do lessons cost?
Apart from the violin, viola and cello tutors, Glyn does not employ these tutors, but provides the facilities for them to teach. The fee per lesson is set by the individual tutor, but is usually between £16-£20.
When are the lessons?
Lessons are 30 minutes long and occur during the school day. The tutor sets the timetable, which the student will know in advance. Most students are rotated on the timetable so that they are not missing the same lesson every week. In a few cases lessons may occur before or after school.
Where are the lessons?
Most lessons take place in the Creative Arts building. However, a few instruments (guitar and piano) take place in the DT Music room.
What other opportunities are there for music-making at Glyn?
It is expected that all students who receive instrumental lessons will take an active role in the musical life of the school. We currently run many clubs, you can find a full timetable below:
Extra Curricular Timetable 2019-2020
How can I find out more?
Once you application has come through via this google form the instrument tutor will be made aware of you interest and you will be placed on a first come first serve list.Should you require more information you are welcome to email Mr M Cooke, Head of Extra Curricular Music at
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