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The mission of the ABC Carolinas Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Group is to develop the professional and social skills of upcoming leaders of the industry. Our goal is to provide educational, professional development, and networking opportunities to ABC Carolinas 40 and under members while encouraging ABC Carolinas involvement from the future leaders of the industry.
To join FLEX for 2022, please complete this form and pay the $100 FLEX Membership Dues Here:
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Please list/explain all courses, seminars, training sessions, etc. you have taken to improve your professional skills. *
Identify an issue facing the construction industry today.  What would you do to correct it for the greater good of the industry 25 years from now? *
Please describe what personal goals you hope to achieve by joining FLEX. *
Please describe where you see yourself in the construction industry in 15 years.  What goals did you set to reach that point? *
One of the main goals of FLEX is to help educate and foster growth of the future leaders in our industry.  How would you contribute in our pursuit of this goal? *
Based on your current schedule, can you attend 4 or more FLEX functions a year?  What obstacles might prevent this? *
In what way would you like to change the industry's public perception? *
List several goals that you would like to see FLEX accomplish during your participation. *
What topics would you like to see discussed at future FLEX meetings/events? *
What current business practices/methods in the industry do you like?  What practices/methods do you not like, and how would you go about changing those? *
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