Get paid to learn business and get the experience you need for jobs once you've finished school
Are you interested in business or marketing? Are you looking for an opportunity to get into it... But not sure what to do to get there? This is an amazing opportunity for you...

One year ago I left school and I didn't go to uni. In that time I've had two graduate-level marketing jobs. I'm now working as a self-employed marketer.

That means I help businesses grow by doing lots of copywriting (creating content), interviewing, helping with website design and getting in touch with blogs/news sites for my clients.

I now have several clients and I'm looking for an assistant to initially help me for 5 hours a week.

If you're the right person you will
- get a thorough education in modern digital marketing
- be given all the books you need to develop yourself
- be shown the ropes by someone who's been in your shoes
- be taken to events in the digital marketing community (so you can grow your professional network)
- have the experience to get a full-time job afterwards in digital marketing (or work for yourself)
- be paid £5/hour for the time you work for me
- be working indirectly for some of the world's fastest-growing companies (mostly software)

You're the right person for this job if:
- You're interested in business
- You're good at explaining complex things in simple terms
- You write in your free time
- You've considered you might be a journalist one day
- You're chatty (or prepared to get out your comfort zone and talk to strangers)
- You learn quickly and are prepared to read interesting business books in your spare time
- You use your initiative and are proactive (not always waiting to be told what to do)
- You have a good story to tell

We'll meet once a week after school (in Faversham or Canterbury) and you can work from home for the other hours. We'll communicate by email or Skype. We will also occasionally go together to events in London (I'll cover your train fare)

Don't worry if you don't get chosen. If you apply I'll send you regular information that can help you learn skills that make you valuable in the workplace.

So if you're looking to get your foot in the door with practical, real, paid business... Not the theoretical stuff you'd learn at uni... Apply now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Applications will shut Saturday 28th September. You'll hear back on Sunday 29th September and if you're the right person, we'll meet on Monday 1st October.


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