Grunt Work: Overtime 2 - Halo LAN Party!
After our first Grunt Work: Overtime Halo LAN Party, the itch of having our 2nd one was undeniable!

Well, here it is .. Grunt Work: Overtime 2 is here and ready to go! A few minor changes for the time to allow for more people to come enjoy it and also enjoy the rest of their evenings.

THIS WILL BE THE FIRST GTHalo event sponsored by HCS Grassroots. Attendees have an opportunity to receive the exclusive Grassroots Emblem!

Here are all the details below!

Date: May 25th Saturday
Start time: 12pm
End time: Close
Current Registration Cap : 36 People (Registration will be announced next week!, but just want you all to block the day off!)

Price: $40 (If you sign up as a group of 4 its $120 total ($30 per person)) INCLUDES FREE FOOD AND DRINKS! (non-alcoholic ONLY)

If you want to bring your own Xbox, first 12 will receive a venue discount of $10 off from both individual or group sign ups.

Those bringing an Xbox, please bring all your wires/power bar for your setup. We will have monitors for your station!

There is also a large TV to play Rock Band as well!

Doors Open at 12pm Saturday and close at 2am!

Halo 1-5 Mini tourneys throughout the night

Bring Your Own Controller/Headset


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DISCLAIMER: This LAN party is focused on sportsmanship, integrity, respect and fun for all gamers. We DO NOT tolerate foul language or excessive verbal abuse between any gamer. Any form of excessive verbal abuse, violence, or disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour will be instantly disqualified and removed from the tournament and venue at our discretion. *
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