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New students applying to attend or audition for QUEST must provide the below information.  An email or letter of receipt will be sent to all applicants within 7 days.
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Student's First Name *
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Student's Middle Name(s) *
What Grade will the student be entering in September? *
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Present School *
1.  Student is being nominated for performing at the 90th percentile or above in: *
2.  Has the student been assessed on a standardized GATE approved assessment (test) within the last 12 months? *
3.  If nominated for the SOAR Programme (Math, Language, Science, Social Studies), has the student taken extra classes or received tutoring/coaching in that discipline? *
4.  If yes, when did they begin taking extra classes?
5.  How often do the class(es) meet?
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6.  How old was the student when they began participating in extra classes?
7.  How many years did they participate in the extra classes?
8 ..How long was the average tutoring and/or class session?
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9.  Which organization or person provided the instruction for any extra course offerings?
10.  If applying for Instrumental Music what instrument(s) do you play?
11.  If you are applying for vocal music what is your vocal range/part?
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12.  How old was the student when they began private instruction in the dance, drama, sport, music or visual art lessons?
13.  How many years have they been playing or developing their skills in this area?
14.  Who is their present private drama, dance, music sports or art teacher/coach?
15.  How long has the student been with this present instructor?
16.  If applying for Dance, what is the student's preferred form of expression (hip-hop, ballet, tap, etc.)?
17.  If applying for Visual Art, what the student's preferred Art medium?
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18.  If applying for Leadership,  what activities does the student participate in that develop these skill sets?
19.  What are the student's hobbies or top area(s) of interest?
20.  What is the student's career or profession of choice?
21.  Does the student participate in extra-curricular activities on a regular basis? *
22.  If yes, list the names of the organizations or clubs that the students participates/participated in over the last 2 years?
23.  Is the student currently on an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? *
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24.  Relationship to nominee? *
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25.  Has the student been informed of this nomination or that an audition is required for the ARISE Programme? *
26.  You are completing this nomination form on which day? *
27.  Has the parent and/or legal guardian been informed that if the student is successful they will be required to provide their own laptop or tablet? *
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