Roommate Placement Cancun
Please fill form below to be place on the waiting list for a roommate. Only fill form if you have paid the Yamulee Retreat Cancun in FULL!!! Otherwise you will be placed at the bottom of the list and won't be considered until payment has been completed. Filling in this form will NOT guarantee you a roommate, however we will try our best to fulfill your request. If there are any changes to your stay it is imperative that you keep us informed. We thank you for your time and we will keep in touch with you in regards to finding you a great roommate!

After you fill in the form below an invoice for the full amount of your stay will be sent to you. The invoice will be sent to you shortly that will allow you to make multiple payments towards your balance. Please be aware that the invoice payment must be paid in FULL by December 1st 2019. Your payment must be paid in FULL by the deadline or your roommate application will be canceled. All payments towards the balance are non-refundable. Now all you need is your flight and you are ready to go! Get ready for the Yamulee Retreat Cancun 2019!!

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By filling out this form you agree to terms and conditions stated above.

Event Dates: Dec.12th -16th 2019

Contact us at 832.641.2690 or
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