TV Tropes Community Showcase Submission Form
If you have a creative project that you think the TV Tropes community would be interested in, you can submit it to the staff using this form. The goal of this submission process is to find creative projects from the TV Tropes community that the site can help promote through the Community Showcase. We're looking for projects that are already completed, or are in progress and show signs that they can be completed by their creators. These projects may be eligible for Wiki support and/or licensing Wiki content.

Possible projects can include digital video series, webcomics, art projects, data analysis related to tropes, or any other things of interest to the community. That's not an exhaustive list - you can submit whatever you want, as long as you think the community will like it. If you encounter any questions that don't apply to your project, don't worry about them. Your answers will be read by a human being.

Every project we support needs to be something the community can be proud of, so the same submission guidelines apply as if you were submitting a trope depiction. You can find these guidelines in Administrivia.

Due to resource limitations, we're not able to support every project. If you receive a positive response to your submission, we will provide the necessary steps to get your project included in the Community Showcase. In some cases, we will even work with you to develop the project and help you release it. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, pertaining to the specific needs of your project.

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