Private Waistbead Party Request Form
Thank you for your interest in scheduling a private waistbead party. Please complete all the questions on the survey.
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We don't suggest trying to make more than two waistbeads in one event - 3 max - as it will take time to make quality waistbeads.
What size beads do you want for your waistbeads? *
What color beads would you like to have at your party? *
There are many color combinations and different types of beads. We include 5 and more are available but an extra cost.
Do you want cotton thread or Nylon wire? *
The difference is that with cotton thread your waistbeads stay on vs. Nylon thread you can add fasteners. We suggest cotton thread which is traditional. It allows you to get used to your waistbeads daily and captures the energy you invite.
Do you want someone to come to your home? *
We can provide one of our staff or partners to come to you home to assist you in your private party.
If you chose yes, please select the gender of the waistbead technician with which you're most comfortable. *
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