National Alliance of School Crisis Responders Stakeholder Needs Assessment
A school shooting, assault, or death of a student or staff member will forever change your students, parents and community. No one thinks such events will happen to them. Until they do.

That is why we seek your engagement.  We're the National Alliance of School Crisis Responders, and we are a new non-profit organization designed to support and meet the needs of all those who respond to school crises. Whether the situation is school violence, a natural disaster, or an individual student in crisis, we are working to provide the resources, support and training school crisis responders need.

We define a school crisis as "a situation or event that requires immediate intervention, and may also disrupt a school day and/or school practices." 

We define a school crisis responder as "an individual or group who prevents, prepares for, responds to, and recovers from a school crisis." School Crisis Responders could be school counselors, licensed mental health practitioners, school psychologists, administrators, school resource officers, other law enforcement or emergency responders, teachers, staff members, or anyone else who assist with school crisis.

As we launch this organization, we want to be mindful of the needs of those working in this area.

We hope you will spend a few minutes answering this survey. Your answers will help us build an organization that uses evidence-based practices to create tailored and useful support for you and your colleagues. 

For more information about NASCR, contact NASCR Executive Director Michelle Strain, LPC, at or 405-659-7078.  Or you may visit our website,

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If your school/district DOES have an Emergency Operations Plan, which elements are covered?
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