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Project Description:
Students dedicated to data collection, entry, and analysis in practices and in games, from Rapsodo, Diamond Kinetics, Blast Motion, and possibly 4D Motion, Trackman.
-These students can be in 6th period baseball if need be and will be a part of the baseball team, just as much as the players that play in the games.
-These students will help coaches with player development and in game strategy through data analysis and probabilities
-These students will have the opportunity to intern at Chapman Baseball Compound, a baseball workout facility that uses similar tech

Characteristics of student who would make a good fit for Uni baseball data analytics project:

 Good with numbers and number crunching
 Loves statistics, statistical analysis, data analysis
 Power user on MS Excel for statistical analysis (preferable; can be learned)
 Interested in field of data analytics as a career
 Would like to work in the sports industry some day
 Wants to be on a Uni sports team, not as player but as “assistant coach”
 Likes sports (playing and watching), especially baseball
 Watches ESPN and SportsCenter regularly; follows sports
 Goes to Angels or Dodger games every so often; enjoys it
 Likes to work on open-ended, student driven projects
 Like to work with cutting edge, industry-level tools and technologies
 Wants to learn and put into practice valuable STEM work skills to stand out from peers
 Need PE credits without doing PE

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