Become a Data Communication Fellow at ForSet!
If you are a journalist, communications specialist, or civic activist from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan and you have experience in working with data, then you should apply for a data communication fellowship at ForSet!

The Data Communication Fellowship is a 1- year long program during which the fellows will advance their skills in data collection, data analysis, data storytelling, designing with data, etc. They will be responsible for researching, writing, designing, and publishing 4 data stories under the guidance of ForSet. Each fellow will be assigned a mentor from the ForSet team that will help them through the process of developing their data stories.

This will be the second year of our fellowship program. You can read what our alumni think about the program here: and have a look at the visualizations they created during the fellowship:

ForSet is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and is a socially-driven creative enterprise specializing in data communications using design and technology. We do storytelling, advocacy campaigns, educational programs, community building, and open-source tools. ForSet has an experienced team with diverse skills that creates innovative products in Georgia and internationally.

You can apply for a data communication fellowship at ForSet, if you satisfy the following:

- reside and work in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan;
- are a journalist, communications specialist, activist, designer, or coder actively involved in media work or social activism
- have demonstrable capacity in data analysis, data journalism, and/or digital communications
- are fluent in written and spoken English
- will be available to spend 3 weeks in Tbilisi from October 29 - November 18, 2018
- will be available to spend another 3 weeks in Tbilisi in March 2019 (exact dates to be determined)
- are able to participate in an online mentorship program and other activities (meetups, webinars, conference calls)
- are open and willing to get involved in cross-country collaboration and reporting
- have no political party or religious organization affiliation

The program will cover the fellow's travel costs to and from Tbilisi in addition to providing each fellow a stipend to cover accommodation and other living costs in Tbilisi. Please note, that fellows are expected to pay for their travel insurance.

The deadline for receiving applications is September 10.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and required to fill out a capacity assessment form and submit a data communication fellowship project plan. The selection process will also include interviews with the project team, September 10-15.

The following is a detailed description of the fellowship program:

1 September - 31 October: fellows participate in 3 pre-fellowship webinars
2-14 October: fellowship plans for Tbilisi are finalized and confirmed
14-27 October: fellows are working on stories with personal mentors
27 - 29 October: fellows arrive in Tbilisi
29 October - 2 November: trainings/workshops at ForSet office
3-4 November: free time
5-6 November: trainings/workshops at ForSet office
7-9 November: fellows participate in DataFest Tbilisi 2018
10-11 November: free time
12-16 November: fellows work on personal projects/mentoring at ForSet office and have meetings with Georgian stakeholders
17-18 November: closing seminar outside Tbilisi
18-19 November: fellows departure from Tbilisi
December - February: online mentoring and fellows work on their projects
March 2019 (dates to be determined): fellows arrive in Tbilisi for the 2nd 3-week long fellowship
April - May 2019: fellows finalize personal projects and online mentorship continues
15 May 2019: the end of the program

About DataFest Tbilisi:

During their first Tbilisi-based fellowship, fellows will attend DataFest Tbilisi 2018 - 3 days of inspirational talks, workshops and a datathon bringing together more than 500 attendees from media organizations, CSOs, businesses and government agencies to strengthen local community and create a regional one around data, communications, technology and business.
Last year, DataFest Tbilisi hosted 400 attendees coming from 30 countries including more than 40 amazing speakers and trainers. We had 18 inspirational speeches, 36 practical workshops and a satellite event - Ministry of Data Hackathon.
This year, we are expecting more than 500 attendees from Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia and beyond.

More information about DataFest Tbilisi 2017 can be found here -
You can have a look at last year's videos here:

For any program-related questions, please contact Qristina Parjiani, fellowship coordinator, at

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