Bali Divinity Codes Retreat Application
The Bali Divinity Codes Retreat is December 12-21, 2019.

Back on Planet Ubudia over the Winter Soul-stice to...

...Awaken to your soul’s full potential and embody your power now
...Become a conscious creator of your dream reality
...Awaken your intuitive gifts
...Learn how to channel your psychic-creative energy into manifesting your dreams, healing yourself and others
...Deeply align with your soul purpose
...Embody your high vision for all areas of your life
...Ascend into your next level life and desires ways of being in all possible ways, now

Ready to play?
What's Included...
Daily transformative immersion sessions delve deep into the following focuses and also include intuitive mentoring to further support you in:

...Intuitive Channeling Group Experiences
...Tantra Immersion, Bodywork + Movement
...Authentic Relating
...Conscious Communication
...Family Constellations
...Activating Authenticity
...Aligning to Your Soul Purpose
...Embodying your inspired vision for all areas of your life
...Deepen in your meditation, and yoga practice
...Transmute layers of shadow that are hiding your most luminous light
...Energy Mastery for Limitless Living

>>>> Your Retreat Investment Includes

...10 Days all inclusive luxury accommodations in our own private resort in Ubud, Bali
...Gourmet vegan meals prepared by private chef daily, including snacks and drinks throughout your time
...Daily massages and spa treatments on site
...All excursions and outings including meals
...All transportation and entry to all sacred sites and various visits throughout retreat
...Transformative healing sessions with curated guest facilitators
...Private Group Sound Healing Experiences
...Guided Daily Yoga, Meditation and Movement
...Breathwork + Various Bodywork Immersions
...Ecstatic Dance (outing with local Bali tribe)
...1:1 Coaching with Sydney before, during and following the retreat
...Comprehensive intake and integration process to completely support you
...Airport pick up and drop off
...*Cost includes absolutely everything except airfare to and from Bali

Investment: $3.8KUSD or $3.3K paid in full with $555 deposit required to hold your space, full balance due 12/1/19.

Please fill out the below application as comprehensively as possible, the more detail the better.

Last Years Retreat Recap...
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Why are you called to Sydney's Divinity Codes Retreat in Bali? What attracted you to this opportunity? *
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What is your high vision for your LIFE (mind-body-spirit-tangibles) in this moment, in this NOW? What is most important for you in terms of your personal development? *
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What are your biggest blocks, fears, obstacles in the way of achieving your high vision for your life? Why aren't you there now? *
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What do you sense is the ROOT of your most prominent block? From where do your limitations and fears seem to originate? *
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What have you tried in the past to break through blocks, challenges and limitations in your way? What has and hasn't worked well for you? *
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What are you willing to let go of to have what it is you truly desire? What do you believe you need to release to make space for what you truly want? *
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If selected to participate in this retreat, what would be your primary intentions in attending? *
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What are you unique gifts? What is your zone of genius? What is your soul calling? *
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If you could experience THREE breakthroughs or RESULTS at the end of the Divinity Codes Retreat, what would they be? *
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What is your experience with meditation and yoga (including Ecstatic Dance)? Years of practice? Do you have a daily spiritual/energetic practice? *
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If selected to join this sacred experience, you will be invited to commit to specific requirements necessary for cultivating a safe transformative space ripe for healing and connection. Review the following agreements and confirm your understanding by marketing a CHECK next to each one. *
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