Influencer Brand Ambassador Application - #IDTNBF 2019
As an ambassador, you are a representation of our brand. Help us raise awareness about our celebration in your community and provide your followers with a discount code to get their t-shirts ordered by June 15th to have them shipped in time to wear and share on June 29th at 10 am at their local news/radio station for a photo opportunity.

This is a virtual fundraising event. Based on your total following we will provide:

1M+ FREE T-shirt + 20% off code (Free Shipping)
100K+ FREE T-shirt + 15% off code (Pay $8 Shipping)
Less than 100K 10% off code

Ambassador Requirements:
1)One post sharing your story of support or lack of support WITH your favorite breastfeeding/pumping/donor milk photo AND/OR a photo in your t-shirt.

2)Share that post across all of your social media

3)Share the Discount code in your post with these hashtags:
#IDTNBF #supportisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebfing

4)Follow and Tag @normalizebfing @normalizebreastfeedingofficial in your PHOTO so that we can track your post.

Optional: Share our event link in your bio for 24 hours while your post is live:

Recommendation: Ask your followers to comment with their own stories to push engagement

Please do not apply if you are unable to meet the aforementioned requirements above.


*Online Objectives for the Celebration:
-Take the Pledge + Gift of Support
-Share Support Stories online
-Join the tweet storm #idtNBF #supportisbest #normalizebreastfeeding

*In person Objectives for the Celebration
-Attend Meetup at your Local News Station w/ bulk order 5+ IDTNBF shirts for a photo opportunity. Contact your local News Station in advance, they may be closed on the weekend.
-Take the Pledge + Gift of Support
-Share Support Stories in person
-Connect with local resources
-Register/Find a Meetup
-Most In-Person Celebrations will take place on Saturday 6/29 @ 10 am at your local News/Radio Station (1hr max)


*Ticket Proceeds will support:
-Fundraising Goal $50,000
-IDTNBF 501(c)3 Event Board of Directors creation
-Lactation Education Scholarships
-US Maternal Health Campaign
-Launch International Speaking Tour
-Launch Podcast
-Business Sponsorship Tickets: available for Professionals, Brands, Corporate Companies, Investors, and Advertisers (WHO Code ---Compliance Required otherwise Pump, formula, or bottle brands that market teats/artificial milk is NOT allowed)

If you have questions or concerns regarding compliance please contact us at

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