Energy efficiency and renewable energy use at Higher Education Institutions
This research intends to provide a better understanding of the extent to which universities from across the world are engaged on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
1. Your Country:
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2. Nature of the university:
3. Year of foundation:
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4. Number of students:
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5. What is the average energy consumption per month at your university (in kWh)?
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5.1. What percentage (%) of current energy use at your university each year comes from renewable sources?
6. Is your university engaged in the implementation of energy efficiency measures?
6.1 If so, since when?
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6.2 If so, please list them (multiple answers possible)
7. Is renewable energy being deployed at your university?
7.1 If so, since when?
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7.2 If so, which categories are being used? (multiple answers possible)
8. Is your university administration supportive of efforts to use energy more efficiently?
8.1. If so, at which level? (multiple answers possible)
9. Which elements pose a challenge to your efforts on energy efficiency? (multiple answers possible)
Thank you for your contribution.
If you wish to receive a copy of the paper with the results of the study, please send a note to: Amanda Lange Salvia ( so we will send it to you.
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