Yes! Barrio Registration 2020
Welcome to Yes! Applications for 2020!

Yes! Camp is both a Sexual and Positive Mindfullness camp. If you are not comfortable with seeing other people naked this camp will probably not be the best fit for you.

Each applicant is evaluated on their own. We cannot guarantee that any groups of people or specific friends will be accepted together into camp, though we will try if all the group members apply at roughly the same time. Requests to add your friend you "just can't camp without" weeks later are frowned upon. Please help us in keeping the balance of our members.

We use Google apps (spreadsheets, docs, hangouts) for organization, if that helps you in deciding which of your many e-mail addresses to use :)
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Email *
One registration per person please! If you are coming as a group, please have everyone in your group apply on the same day.
Name *
What your parents / bank / passport calls you.
Playa Name / nickname
What you prefer to be called for Burn related purposes
Where did you grow up?
The country you'd associate with your childhood.
Where do you live now?
The country where you keep your stuff these days
Have you been to Nowhere, Burning Man or similar events before?
Which ones?
Have you been a member of Yes! Camp before? *
If you have not been a member of Yes! Camp before, do you know anyone who is a member of Yes! Camp?
Names please :)
Are you coming to Nowhere with anyone?
Each person in a group should apply individually and on the same day so we can consider the whole group together for balance purposes. Please list their names.
How do you explore your sexuality and sensuality?
Which of the following areas would you be happy to help out with?
Which environments are you comfortable in?
How do you feel about photos being taken in our camp? *
Photos can be a source of great controversy with many different view points. While there will never be a blanket rule, and consent can be always be granted or removed on an individual moment's basis, it helps to understand where you generally fall on this subject. The photographer should always strive to achieve direct consent within their process. Opt in = You are generally accepting of photos. Opt out = You are not keen to be in photos.
We want to see your smiling faces!!!
Please insert your social media http link:
Our preference is for Facebook, but if that's not possible, Instagram, fetlife, or the like are also acceptable. Though please note, we organize much of the camp's planning via FB, if you don't have it, it will be a challenge to accept you to the camp.
What thing have you done in the last month where you've said "YES!" to life
What do you hope to contribute to Yes! Camp?
Workshops you can give?
Our gift to the community is predominately our workshops. If there are any you'd like to lead or could contribute to, please let us know here.
What time commitments can you make to the camp *
Preferred: select one where you would most like to contribute. Note: Availability for Strike may help you during the acceptance process. Staying for Strike generally means Noon on Monday.
Not Available
Planning / Leadership
Build (3-5 days before gate)
Strike (Sun & Mon following burn)
What is your experience & relationship to community?
What does spirituality mean to you and does sex play a role in it?
Do you have anything else to add?
This is it, your last opportunity to type fun things and improve your application's karma. Thanks
Participation Event! *
I understand that Nowhere is a participatory event and that my contribution of time and effort to this endeavor is essential to its success. In joining Yes! camp, I will either have a role within the camp (leadership, build, camp operations) or I will volunteer with the NORG folks for one of the shifts which makes the event possible. I am encouraged to do more than this minimum, as these roles are how connections are made and that’s the whole point
Camp Contribution: €200 *
This is to confirm that you understand the Camp contribution is €200 for 2020. This will be due 1 month after being accepted to the camp, or 2 weeks before the event whichever is sooner. Other communications from camp leadership regarding due dates may supersede this one. Note: We're still determining our budget for '20, and it's possible we will lower the contribution to €175. This depends on many factors including the camp size and what fun stuff we decide to do. The budget won't exceed €200 though in any case.
Finally, can someone from Yes! camp vouch for you? (Who?)
New Members will be selected by committee.
We will generally follow this schedule, though please realize that this process is inherently fluid as burns are burns...

1 Sign - up deadline February 15 - Responses by 20 February
2 Sign - up deadline March 1 - Responses by 15 March
3 Sign - up deadline April 1 (includes build and early entry passes) - Responses by 15 April
4 Sign - up deadline May 1 - Responses by 15 May
5 Sign - up deadline June 1 - Responses by 15 June
6 Sign - up deadline June 15 - Responses by 20 June
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