Comicidal Podcast Season Three Interest Form
The Comicidal Podcast team is looking for interested collaborators for our season three episodes. These episodes will focus on the social narrative that influences comic storylines.

The episode topics, with descriptions, are below.


The Power of You in Fiction

Can you think back on the first time you saw yourself in a piece of fiction? What was your response? How impactful was that experience in shaping how you viewed future fictional pieces, and your fandom? We want to take time to unpack the importance of seeing stories and characters in the fictional world that appropriately reflect our experiences in the real world.

The Evolution of Blerdom

For as long as there's been a nerd community, there's been black nerds or nerds of color. The Blerd voice wasn't as strong and influential in the past as it it now. We'd like to trace the evolution of this phenomena (from Blerds hiding their comics or going across town to buy comics to Blerds now reading comics on the train or going to Pokemon Go Meet-Ups).

The Ethics of Technology

There's a long standing motto in Silicon Valley - Move Fast and Break Things, which is meant to capture the idea that meaningful change in the tech space requires being faster than everyone else and not being afraid to break previous concepts and/or ideologies. While we love the moving fast part (we get new iPhones, and Google Pixels, and Augmented Reality devices), the things that get broken remain broken and don't get repaired (privacy infringement, a loss of the interpersonal connectedness, cyber-bullying, an increase in propaganda and misinformation). We want to take the time to discuss the disconnect between innovation and responsibility.

Who Watches the Watchers - Government Oversight and Our Protection from (Other) Worldly Threats

When we think about clandestine agencies that seem above reproach in fictional works, a lot of us may imagine SHIELD or ARGUS. We want to take a step back to examine how our real world counterparts navigate the often ambiguous area between protection and morality.

A Study of World Building: What ATLA, tLoK, and TMNT teaches us about the richness of expansive storytelling

We all love a good story, but how often do we take the time to sit down and unpack all the goodness that makes some of our favorite stories so worthwhile and memorable. Here's the opportunity for us to get into the corners and crevices of three epic storylines to analyze and appreciate their greatness.
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