Confirmation Enrolment for August 31, 2017
Complete this form by supplying answers to all questions using sentence case, that is, use a CAPITAL for the first letter and lower case for additional letters.

When finished, hit the SUBMIT button at the end of this form to send in your enrolment details.

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You will not be able to submit your form until all required questions have appropriate responses.

Any questions or enquires may be directed to the Sacramental Coordinator.

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Use this form to enrol your child for Confirmation at Southport Catholic Parish (SCP) on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Should you have any queries or wish clarification on any of the questions, please contact the Sacramental Coordinator:
- by phone on (07) 5510 2296, or
- by email at

Confirmation Conditions
There are two necessary conditions that must be met before the candidate can receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
The candidate must be:
1. a baptised catholic, and
2. at least eight (8) years of age in this calendar year (Grade 3) but not be older than eighteen (18).
Baptised Catholic: *
Has the candidate been baptised as a catholic?
Correct Age: *
Is the candidate at least eight (8) years of age this calendar year but not older than 18?
If you answered "NO" to either of the first two questions, you CANNOT continue.
Please make an enquiry at the Parish Office through the contacts given previously.

If you answered "YES" to Baptised Catholic but "NO" to Correct Age and the candidate is older than 18, then you might like to investigate our RCIA program. Click the following URL to follow up on this option:

If you answered "YES" to both of the above questions, please continue to Step 1 - Candidate Details.

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