Saturday PTH Fun Class
For Students 4.5 - 12 years old
Half Day 9.15am - 11.45am
Full Day 9.15am - 3.15pm

Our Saturday PTH Fun Class includes multiple activities all conducted in Putonghua. Not only will children learn Chinese, they will also be engaged in wellness cooking, STEM and cultural activities.

Mornings: Focused Chinese learning based on weekly theme and cultural activities. Children will learn/master basics of oral, listening, reading and writing. Advanced learners will practise reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing skills.

Afternoons: more relaxed and fun activities including STEM (robotics, 3D doodling etc), Wellness Cooking.

Students please bring their own lunches.

Tuition Fee (Half Day Morning 9.15am-11.45am):
October $3000 (5 lessons)
November $2400 (4 lessons)
December $1800 (3 lessons)

Tuition Fee (Full Day 9.15am-3.15pm):
October $5000 (5 lessons)
November $4000 (4 lessons)
December $3000 (3 lessons)

Enrolment is subject to 10% discount if you enroll before Sep 26 2020.
Enrolment is subject to 5% discount if you enroll before Oct 2, 2020.
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