West Ashley Greenway: Artistic Crosswalks Pilot Project
These temporary artistic crosswalks are meant to draw attention to people on bikes and foot, encouraging motorists to slow down and share the space safely. We're very appreciative that you're taking our survey about the crosswalks. We hope to use your feedback to guide potential future projects, as well as share with the City of Charleston.
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Temporary artistic crosswalks!
When did you first use the artistic crosswalks?
How were you using the Greenway that day?
Why were you on the Greenway that day? (select all that apply)
Which artistic crosswalk(s) did you use (check all that apply)?
Do you like the artwork?
Do you feel that motorists slow down/defer to people on bikes and foot because of the artwork?
Do you feel happier when you see the artwork?
Do you feel safer when you see the artwork?
Would you like to see more artistic crosswalks installed at other intersections along the Greenway and Bikeway?
The current artistic crosswalks are temporary. Are there permanent installations or markings you would like to see at the intersections of the West Ashley Greenway and Bikeway?
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Please provide your detailed opinions and anything you want us to know about the pilot project here.
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Do you live in a neighborhood located along the West Ashley Greenway?
Do you own or work at a business located along the West Ashley Greenway/Savannah Highway in West Ashley?
What is your age?
What is your gender identity?
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