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Root Cause Farm was established in 2009 as The Lord’s Acre, a non-profit garden growing food and community. In efforts to stay true to our core values: being inclusive and building bridges, in 2019 we changed our name to reflect that. We continue to be a hub for building community which is our way of addressing the many types of hunger. We do this by:

- Growing organic produce and giving that produce away to those experiencing food insecurity through our distribution partners
- Training food system leaders
- Hosting service groups
- Hosting community events
- Participating in the Gardens That Give WNC group – a collection of gardens in WNC that grow and give away food
- Working with local colleges to integrate our work in their academics
- Working with faith organizations, businesses, schools and other groups to start more gardens that give and learn about food access and causes of hunger.

We create space for those looking to satiate all types of hunger and to encourage folks to lean into the uncomfortable parts addressing hunger. RCF’s intention is to reach these communities by inspiring and guiding individuals to initiate dialogue and action wherever they are as part of a movement to develop equitable, inclusive, and truly community-based solutions to hunger.

If you have additional questions regarding this Internship, please feel free to email us at: programs@rootcausefarm.org

Submitting this application does not guarantee an internship position. We do our best to match the goals of the applicant to the needs of these projects.
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General Internship Information

DURATION OF INTERNSHIP: Summer internships are 10 hrs/wk over a 10 week commitment. They will start the week of May 24th and end the week of July 26th (can be flexible). Specific days that interns will work at the garden are self-identified and determined with the garden manager.

SCHEDULE: For the 2021 season, work days include: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 am – 12:30 pm, Wednesday evenings from 5:45 pm – 8:15 pm (optional) and Monday markets from 2:30 pm – 6:15 pm (optional & rotating).

COMPENSATION: Weekly garden produce, educational resource manual, personal growth and immersion into an amazing community. Interns are expected to supply their own work clothing, shoes, hats and sunscreen - take appropriate precautions to work safely. We provide insect repellant, gloves, and tools.

WORK/EXPERIENCE DESIRED: Since the intent of the internship is to pass along knowledge, we do not have specific experience requirements. We may, however, give preference to those with a gardening background or those pursuing a career/lifestyle in the work we do. We are also seeking interns as much for their minds and hearts as for their labor.

We are looking for applicants who display high motivation and quality work, flexibility and adaptability, gratitude, ability to follow directions while sharing their opinions, independence and collaboration, adept physical condition , sincere desire to learn about sustainable food production, hunger inequity, and community building, commitment to learn and be part of creating ways of building community that benefits people, animals, plants & the environment

Additional desirable traits: being a morning person, willingness to learn new skills, enjoying people, make friends with all types of people, and having a sense of humor

- Engage in physical work and activity regardless of weather
- Get up early, especially in the summer, and be ready to work on time
- Eventually lead and teach groups and individual volunteers
- Deeply interact with volunteers, co-interns, and those who visit the garden
- Study and apply sustainable, organic, traditional and alternative growing practices
- Participate with the crew in all aspects of growing food (cultivation, planting, transplanting, harvesting, washing, distributing…)
- Participate in group discussion pertaining to the larger topics of justice, food access, poverty, equity, and root causes of hunger.

- Resource manual that includes five Food System chapters and eleven Farming Reference chapters
- Excellent home library is available
- Learning through continual casual discussions, often with others who do similar work within the WNC Gardens that Give Network
- Opportunity to sit in on our work with local colleges & other organizations
- Opportunity to sit in on our board meetings to better understand the organizational aspect
- Connection to nearby farms offer opportunities for extra learning experiences
- Freedom to utilize your expertise and passions to create something new

We are seeking someone who is passionate about medicinal plants and herbal medicine and can work with some level of
autonomy. We have an herb garden that could use upkeep and lots of medicinal plants that could be processed and distributed to individuals and partner organizations seeking culinary and medicinal herbs. This internship is ideal for those with some medicinal plant knowledge, but still in a beginning stage and excited about learning. This internship is a combination of crew work and independent work.

Duration: 6-8 hrs/week, flexible May-October.

We are seeking someone who is passionate about recognizing and creating sanctuary and is interested in tending our designated sanctuary space. We would like support in keeping this area beautiful for our community, that could include planting and maintaining it. This internship is mostly independent work with crew and volunteer support where needed.

Duration: Flexible 2hrs/week, flexible March - November

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