What We Fight For - RSVP
Unto my Brothers and Sisters of the Movement, Esteemed Cousins of the Camarilla, Members of the Independent Alliance, and those that choose to live beyond;

You are invited to the Anarch Domain of Casa Grande for a celebration.

Join us as we celebrate with a 50’s style block party and remind ourselves of those things that we fight for, foremost being our Humanitas. Put down your grudges and enmities for an evening of peace and perhaps a chance to reconcile those wrongs.

To align with the theme of the evening, for a cost of a trivial boon(1), persons wishing to sue for peace in the matter of the courtesies of Casa Grande will be permitted to attend the evening’s affairs and present their reasons to the Advocate and the Anarchs of the Domain.

Some courtesies to consider if attending;

-All guests from outside of Casa Grande must RSVP

-If you have turned away from Humanity, this is not the place for you. If you wish to earnestly participate, contact me privately to consider arrangements.

- Absolutely zero violence will be permitted. I understand that debates will happen and some of us are passionate about our beliefs. That being said, if you feel your passion is overruling your logic, please, step away.

The Anarch officials for the Domain are as follows:

James Parcell, Advocate of Casa Grande

Jonah Murphy, Architect

John O’Malley, Ambassador

RSVP using the form below, please:



James Parcell

Ventrue Advocate of Casa Grande

1. Kindred on alternate Paths of Morality (and other) PCs wishing to debate the Courtesies of the local Domain may pay a trivial boon to do so. Said boon will be considered “cashed in” upon arrival, granting said PC the ability to be present, despite local courtesies and allow them to present their rationale for changing this courtesy to the Advocate. This boon will be logged as paid in full, as this is merely a setting mechanic (boons and Tradition of Domain), giving flavor to the game and not intended to prevent attendance to the event. Players merely need to let the PC Ambassador know they are actioning this option, so it can be recorded and an audience with the Advocate secured.
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