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Please ensure that both the applicant, and the applicant's parent(s)/guardian(s) have read through the Application Form and have answered the questions that follow carefully. Other sibling applications are to be submitted separately.

All information pertaining to terms and conditions, camp rules, camp essentials etc. can be found on our website under the tab, "Camp Information".
Netzer South Africa accepts application forms on the basis that the applicant and their parent(s)/guardian(s) accept the Camp Terms and Conditions noted on our website.

Please note that once your submission have been made online, Netzer South Africa will contact applicant legal parent(s)/guardian(s) with regards to finalising camp fee payment, subsidies, special requests etc. Applications are only considered to be accepted once indemnities have been signed and fee payments have been made. Proof of payments must be emailed to

For any assistance and any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

During our Summer camps, Netzer South Africa we have five age groups during our Summer camps;
Tipot ‘Raindrops’ ages 7 - 9 (grades 1 - 3)
Geshem ‘Rain’ ages 10 - 11 (grades 4 -5)
Sheleg ‘Snow’ ages 12 - 13 (grades 6- 7)
Shemesh ‘Sun’ ages 14 - 15 (grades 8 - 9)
Keshet ‘Rainbow’ ages 16 - 18 (grades 10 -12)

Geshem, Sheleg, Shemesh and Keshet stay the full two weeks on camp.
As the oldest age group, Keshet has the option of staying an additional few days after camp with the madrichim during Rear-Guard. This is an opportunity as the oldest age group and future leaders of the movement to participate in camp feedback; discuss the future of Netzer and to bond with the current madrichim and their future peers. This is not only vital for the sustainability of Netzer but is also loads of fun! There are no extra costs involved.
Tipot, our youngest age group stay for only three days and is only available to children residing in Cape Town.

Camp is an excellent opportunity to experience Netzer In full swing- and be immersed in Jewish education, culture, friends and fun! As well as teaching the values of Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism, Tikkun Olam and Israel, Netzer provides a way to actively participate in them. Netzer chanichim benefit from learning through a diverse range of activities.
Join us for the highlight of the Netzer year, two weeks of fun-packed adventure surrounded by all your friends and cared for by inspirational, highly trained leaders. It is an event not be missed!

We look forward every year to having every regular and new child on our lovely campsite enjoying, learning, growing and pioneering their Jewish identities in our wonderfully-small Reform community!

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Netzer South Africa
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Netzer South Africa is the Jewish Youth Movement, affiliated with Progressive Judaism. We are a dynamic, entirely youth-led and youth-organised body which works with youth, to provide the unique Netzer community a space of fun, learning and growing. As a small youth movement, with less than 100 channichim on camp, Netzer prides itself in the family-like environment, where interactions take place on a personal and individual level.We are a non-profit, Progressive Jewish, Reform Zionist youth movement of South Africa. We form a branch of the international Netzer movement, Netzer Olami (worldwide). Netzer exists in over ten countries, including Panama, Australia, North America, Belarus, Germany, France, Israel, England, Russia, Spain and the Ukraine. We are affiliated to the South African Union for Progressive Judaism (SAUPJ) and the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF). One of our main aims is the Jewish notion of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) which we begin through Jewish education and community. The Jewish values of equality, tolerance and respect for all humanity are the core of our ideology, and help create the unique warm atmosphere at our Machanot.
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