Infestation: The New Z Clan Shield Application
- This is application that needs to be filled by the CLAN LEADER to have their clan riot shields.
- Activity - Only clans CURRENTLY active and active for the past few months will be accepted
- Members - You need to have 20 active members to be eligible (individual players, not character amount)
- Support - Since this is going to be completely free, we will only make riot shields for clans that actively support our game, for exampley by having their own private server.
- Clan creation* - Your clan needs to have been created at least SIX months ago (if your clan was recreated, please also inform us your previous clan name)
- Advertisement - If any ACTIVE member of your clan streams or creates content for youtube, that is a huge plus
- Website - Your clan needs to have either a facebook PAGE (not group) or a website. This shows your clan is a CLAN and not just a group of friends temporarily playing together
Email address *
What is your clan tag? *
What is your FULL clan name? *
As shown in game
How many members does your clan have? *
Does your clan have its own private server? Who owns the server? *
A servers for the clan. It doesn't need to have the clans name. The clan owner (email/username) is essential for verification
When was your clan created? *
If the clan had a previous name and was recreated, please let us know what the previous name/owner was.
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