The “No One is an Island” experiment
No one is an island!!! My name is Tyree Sterling of and on a youth pastor's Facebook group page I saw a disturbing news article involving a youth minister and I decided to create "The NO Islander Experiment." Feeling like you're alone in ministry with no one to speak to flat out STINKS!!! The goal is to link youth ministers together in their nearby regions to just "build community" (through monthly video chats, conference calls, whatever...) to help re-enforce the thought that "no one is an island." If you're in need of community then I encourage you to play a part in this.

-The deadline to fill this form out is December 15th.
-After 12/15/17 we will divide people up into groups of 7.
-We will try to give each region a facilitator that will create a FB messenger group to help get the ball rolling.

A sample call could like this:
-Small talk/catching up
-Prayer for the conversation
-Discuss goals and your roadblocks getting to them
-Help each other with the goal setting
-Feel free to follow up and encourage each other throughout the month.


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