Sakura Range Hood Survey Get FREE one pack of Aluminum Filters
Oshawa International Enterprises Incorporation, the Sole Agent of Sakura Range Hood in Western Canada. We provide warranty to customers who purchased Sakura Range Hood at Oshawa's Authorized Dealers.
1. Please select your age range from below.(请选择您的年龄范围)。
2. In which type of housing do you currently live?(您目前居住的房屋类型)
3. What type of kitchen stove do you currently use in your household?(您家目前使用的炉灶类型)
4. What is your preference of cooking style?(您平时的烹饪风格)
5. What is your budget range for purchasing a kitchen hood fan?(您购买油烟机的预算范围)
6. Among all features, select your most concern when choose a kitchen range hood? (购买油烟机时,选择您最关心的方面)
7. In which way do you know Sakura from?(您从何处知道樱花品牌?)
8. In which media would you like to see our advertisement?(您希望在何种媒体或者平台上看到我们的广告?)
9. In order to serve you better, which language do you feel more comfortable with?(为了为您提供更好的服务,您希望获得哪种语言服务?)
10. At what email address would you like to be contacted to Get a FREE pack of Aluminum Filters in our Oshawa showroom in Richmond B.C. Canada? Thank you for your participation!(请留下您的邮箱地址,方便我们联络您来我们加拿大卑诗省列治文市的Oshawa展示厅领取免费过滤油网一包。感谢您的参与!)
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