~2018 Muslim Awareness Weekend~ 愛穆體驗週末

在這彎曲悖謬、變幻莫測的末世,穆斯林移居遍地的浪潮一波接著一波。面對這龐大的福音禾場,我們真的準備好向他們傳講基督的救恩了嗎?然而,穆民街街都是,人人需要福音,誰又是那些當得平安的“平安之子”?(路 10:5-6)



In this preposterous and unpredictable end of the world, we see waves of Muslim immigration everywhere. When facing this mass Gospel threshing floor, are we truly ready to share the salvation of Christ with them? In the meanwhile, Muslims are seen everywhere and each of them needs the Lord. Who among them promotes peace? Who are the persons of peace? (Luke 10: 5-6)

Please do not miss this once a year opportunity. Register early! We look forward to seeing you at Muslim Awareness Weekend 2018!

This event is bilingual
Registration fee: $35, including lunch on Saturday
You may send your check to AiMu Today International (PO Box 5253, Naperville, IL 60567), or bring your check on the event day when check in. 【註冊費用為$35,包括週六午餐。您可以將支票郵寄至AiMu Today International (PO Box 5253, Naperville, IL 60567),或在當天註冊時繳費。 】
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Saturday Workshop 週六專題
5/5 Sat 4:15pm - 5:30pm - Please choose one to attend
Sunday Workshop 週日專題
5/6 Sun 2:00pm - 3:15pm - Please choose one to attend
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