Junior Guild Scholarship Application 2019
The Junior Guild Scholarship was established to provide funds for young women residing in the Rocky Mount area who desire to attend a four-year college or university. The scholarship is based on financial need, scholastic excellence and outstanding citizenship

The recipient is required to meet the following requirements:
1) The recipient must remain a full-time student (as that term is defined by the recipient’s college or university of choice) in good standing academically for the four undergraduate years.
2) The recipient must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above for each semester to receive their money.
3) The recipient must maintain high standards of citizenship and conduct.
4) The recipient must use the scholarship during four consecutive academic undergraduate years unless the Junior Guild Board of Directors grants an exception.

The recipient must supply a certified copy of her grade to the Rocky Mount Junior Guild each quarter or semester, and must request renewal of the Scholarship in writing to the Scholarship Chairman by July 1 of each year. Failure to fulfill the academic and citizenship requirements of the Junior Guild Scholarship may result in probation for one semester or quarter, with terms thereof to be determined on an individual basis by the Junior Guild Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship may be terminated if the recipient does not fulfill the terms of her probation.

Each applicant must submit the attached application form, accompanied by the following items, by mail AND BE TIMESTAMPED SUBMITTED BY APRIL 15, 2019.

- Most recent certified high school transcript
- SAT or ACT scores
- Photograph of applicant
- Three letters of reference, at least one of which is from a teacher, principal, or counselor, and one from outside the student’s school experience
- An original, typed essay of at least 350 words describing where the applicant would like to be and what the applicant would like to be doing ten years from now

***It is imperative that all applicants name their uploaded documents as Last Name_First Name_Document Name. For example, when uploading the essay, the file should be saved and uploaded as Mudd_Kelly_Essay. This is true for all scanned documents as well.

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