Barton Academy 6th Grade Course Schedule & Enrichment Options Questionnaire
All courses at Barton will be "advanced/honors" courses. In addition, 6th grade students will be exposed to many elective and enrichment opportunities through an "exploratory" period designed to assist students in recognizing their interests for more advanced studies of their chosen electives in grades 7th - 9th.
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Students will be afforded many enrichment opportunities. Please discuss the following opportunities with your child, and place a check-mark beside all opportunities that are of interest to your student. List any additional interests in the "other" section. This will assist us in personalizing experiences based on student interests.
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Please list any additional information about your child that may assist us in planning for their year. You are welcome to include additional passions and interests they may wish to pursue in middle school beyond what is currently listed. This may assist us in planning. *
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