One Big Happy Pharmily (:
A mentor-mentee program created by Adrienne Nguyen!

First off, thank you so much for reading my blog! I know a lot of you are stressing out about applications and/or interviews but I'm here to help! I got a lot of feedback from a plethora of pharmacy applicants and I thought I'd create a semi-formal (virtual) mentor-mentee program!

A little information about me: I was accepted to all the pharmacy schools I applied to however, I decided to pursue my Pharm.D. degree at UCSD, Class of 2020.

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I am planning on making more pharmacy related blog posts. What topics would you like me to cover (i.e. what my typical day is like, application tips, reasons why I chose UCSD, etc...)?
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And just for fun...Are you applying UCSD?!
This will be you guys in the very near future!
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