Capstone Client Proposal & Agreement
New Media Institute
The New Media Institute (NMI) is an interdisciplinary academic unit dedicated to exploring the critical, commercial and creative dimensions of emerging technologies. The NMI is committed to the teaching and training of new media professionals and to providing non-technical students with technical skills and knowledge. Curriculum focuses on critical investigations into the constantly changing media landscape, the development of skills to build commercial products, and the creation of projects that use new media solutions to address real-world problems.
New Media Certificate
The New Media Institute houses the University of Georgia's largest certificate program. The New Media Certificate supplements any undergraduate or graduate degree and is a credential that demonstrates that a student is technowledgable: the understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field. Certificate students have access to hands-on classroom environments, innovative technologies, and networking opportunities that lead to jobs.
New Media Capstone
In New Media Capstone, students call upon all of the skills gained throughout their certificate journey to develop, design, and debut projects. These projects are built by teams of Capstone students and address specific client problems, explore emerging technologies, or both.
Capstone Client Projects
Each semester, the NMI partners with an array of campus and community clients, providing students with valuable real world experience and clients with opportunities to pursue beneficial new media solutions within their organization. These projects typically employ an innovative use of emerging technology and/or a compelling application of an interactive digital product.

Client projects generally run the length of a semester (August to December or January to April) but have the potential to be extended if the project possesses an opportunity for continued growth and as long as the partnership remains effective.
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