James Madison Prize (Published Article or Essay)
The Madison Prize commemorates the authors of The Federalist, which publishes many of the most significant essays on the nature of the federal government on a quarterly basis. This annual award is given for excellence in an article or essay that deals with any aspect of the federal government’s history.

2018 Submission Guidelines


Entries are judged for value in furthering the understanding and history of the federal government; quality and thoroughness of research; style and appropriateness or presentation; suitability and rigor of methodology; and use of original and primary materials. In addition to the general requirements above, the work must have been published in the calendar year immediately preceding the spring awards. The entry deadline is November 30.

Submission Process
The award is made solely on the basis of the materials submitted to the James Madison Prize Committee Members.

1. Nominations should be submitted through Google Forms (here, **link to Google Forms**).
2. Nominations should include a brief letter commenting on the merits of the work.
3. Nominations should include a copy of the nominee (s)’s resume or curriculum vitae.
4. Submit one copy of the publication or link to publication either through the Google Form (preferred) or by mail to Mattea Sanders at 2511 Palmer Place SE, Washington, DC 20020.

For questions contact Mattea Sanders at msande27@gmail.com.

Award Committee:

Committee Chair: Julie Prieto,
PhD Historian
U.S. Army Center of Military History

Gregory Bereiter, PhD
Supervisory Historian
Naval History & Heritage Command

Kelly Spradley-Kurowski, PhD
Historian and Manager, National Maritime Heritage Program
Historian, Park History Program
National Park Service

Author's Name
Title of Article or Essay
Name of Submission Author if Different from Author's
Contact information for Author and Submission Author if Different from Author's (Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address)
Resume or CV of Author
Brief Letter Commenting on the Merits of the Work
Copy of the Publication or Link to Publication
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