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Hello future Lemon!

We are a small group of devoted burners who intend to have a cohesive and well organized camp, so that we can focus on the Burn itself. Our camp will be beautiful and simple with its covered common space, its Lemonade bar for thirsty burners, and various lemon themed decorations. Vegetarian food is provided (and was seriously delicious last year). Because this is a participation camp, we hope that by the end of burn you will have enough shared experiences to leave your fellow campers as friends. Awww...:) If you are a sour camper, please send your application to Lime Camp.

2018 was a successful proof of concept, and so 2019 will have a chance to focus more on beautifying our site, creating art, and better defining our camp.

We have a membership of 75 Euros
Membership transfer Fee: 10 Euros
Additional alcohol/drinks: Additional cost, delivered to site

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