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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Save a Child's Heart


1) Written application
Please answer the questions below with as much care and detail as possible. We recommend drafting your answers in a word document and pasting them here once they are completed.
2) Documentation requirements  
Upon completing the application please send your CV and a letter of recommendation from a past employer to . Once these documents are received and your application is complete, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview.
3) Phone/Zoom interview with representative in Israel office.


All volunteers are required to participate in the volunteer fundraising initiative #EndlessLev by committing to fundraise a minimum of $320 USD (to be completed 30 days after your volunteer period ends). These funds will go directly towards Save a Child's Heart's lifesaving mission and we appreciate your participation!

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Full-time volunteers live at the Children's Home in Holon and spend 6 full days (8:30AM-6PM) a week volunteering. Note: This is a 2 week minimum - 4 week maximum commitment. Part-time volunteers do not live in the Children's Home and typically travel to the Children's Home 2-3 times a week for morning or afternoon shifts (9AM-12PM or 4PM-6PM). Note: This is a 2 week minimum commitment with the option to stay on for an unlimited amount of time. Hospital volunteers spend their time visiting children at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon 2-3 times a week for full day (10AM-3PM) shifts. Note: This is a 6 week minimum commitment with the option to stay on for an unlimited amount of time.
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Please describe any kind of community involvement you have participated in in the past.
 Include social, professional, religious and neighborhood programs, highlighting any and all experience with children.
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