Request for a Scaling-Up! Analysis Session
This form is targeted at:
1/ Startups and SMEs that is post-revenue;
2/ Have 5 to 30 employees;
3/ Have SGD $400K to $5M revenues per annum; and
4/ Want to scale-up the operations 3X to 10X within 12 to 36 months sustainably;
5/ Ready to develop a written Strategy with a written Execution Plan complete with Key Metrics;
6/ Want to hire talented People and align them to the Strategy and Purpose of the business;
7/ Transform the company into a high-performing with accountable team members;
8/ Generates healthy Cash flow & Profitability while creating and adding value to the world.

What's in it for you if you answer the 10 questions?

When you complete this form to your best knowledge and as honestly as you could, you shall be entitled to a 45-mins Scaling-Up! Analysis session to give you insights on your business gaps and what you could do to overcome the challenges. How much is that worth to you?

Note: All information collated with be kept strictly confidential for Scaling-Up! Ventures use for a the Scaling-Up! Analysis session.

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3(a). Does your business have positive Cash flow? *
3(b). Does your business have a healthy Cash Conversion Cycle (sales to collection less than 60 days)? *
4. Do you have more than 1 director / shareholder that's active in the business? *
4(a). Do you have more than 1 shareholder in the business? *
4(b). Do you have a director, shareholder and/or manager that can execute the business plan with you?
5. From a scale of 1 - 5, how confident are you in achieving your business Goals & Objectives for the current year? *
6. Which aspects of your business have the most challenges? Please elaborate. *
7. Based on your previous answer, what are you able, willing and ready to do to overcome the challenge(s)? *
8. Are you committed to implement the necessary changes in your business? If you answer "No", why not? What challenges or fears are you dealing with? Please elaborate. *
9. List down the top 5 issues you need help, support and/or assistance in your business? *
10. What could possibly happen to you, your employees, your clients and your business 1 year from now, if you continue to operate the same way you are now? *
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