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Channel Bluwood Terms and Conditions (updated 12/20/16)
I hereby confirm that the submitted video is my work and that anyone else involved has been properly credited. I have been given explicit permission for usage of any outside material (audio, video, etc.) by its original creator or source. I understand that if I am caught plagiarizing or stealing someone else's work, I will no longer be allowed to submit videos to Channel Bluwood.
I understand that Channel Bluwood and anyone involved does not own any of my work, however, Content Moderators may provide comments and constructive criticism on my submitted videos if the quality threshold is not met.

I understand that I must be submitting new content that has NOT been released publicly before. I understand that after my video has premiered on Channel Bluwood, I have free control on where it is published. An exception to this is if I have explicit permission from a Content Moderator or a member of the Bluwood team to submit an already public video or series. I can prove this by providing the exception ticket that I was given.

I also understand that if I select "No" and disagree to these Terms and Conditions, my submission will be discarded.

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