MCC S-STEM Scholarship Application Form
This is the form for students who are Engineering and Computer Science majors to apply for the MCC S-STEM Scholarship. This scholarship represents a partnership between Mesa Community College and Arizona State University and is funded by a grant through the National Science Foundation.

In order to qualify for an MCC S-STEM Scholarship, you must satisfy the following criteria:
- Financial Need as established by a FAFSA
- Be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Aliens admitted as Refugees
- Declared Major in Engineering or Computer Science
- Be enrolled in MAT 150 or higher (or completed College Algebra or higher)
- Have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA

If you are selected to receive one of the MCC S-STEM Scholarships, you will be expected to complete the following activities over the course of the semester:
Four Engineering Academic Success & Professional Development Activities:
- Guaranteed 4.0 and Time Management Activity
- Career Plan Activity
- Interest Paper Activity
- Statement of Purpose Activity

Three S-STEM related surveys:
- ENG ASAP Scholars Information Form
- Career-Shaping Interest Paper Survey
- Student Seeking Mentor Survey

Remember that you must send an unofficial transcript to by 12:00 PM on Friday, August 23 in order to be considered for this scholarship. A printed transcript may be dropped off at the Physical Science Department Office on the second floor of the Physical Science Building on campus.

IMPORTANT: Your application is not complete until after MCC has received your FAFSA information. If you have not already had FAFSA information sent to MCC for this semester, please go to , create and log into your account, complete the information on the FASFA, and select MCC to receive your information. It can take a week or so for FAFSA information to arrive at the College once you have submitted the FAFSA. Please take this time delay into account, as your application cannot be considered until your financial need is set as determined by your completed FAFSA.

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