SCOE Wellness Program Survey
The SCOE Wellness Committee creates programs and services catered to SCOE employees interests and needs. Please do not include any identifying information about yourself so your personal information, health status, and input remains confidential.
When you are at work, what best describes your level of activity?
How many days per week do you engage in physical activity for more than 20 minutes?
Please select your top three interests in the following educational programs.
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Cholesterol Reduction
Cold/Flu Prevention and Treatment
Depression Management
Financial Management
Heart Disease Prevention
Managing Chronic Pain (back injuries) or Health Conditions (hypertension)
Men's Health
Women's Health
Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Stress Management & Reduction Programs
Weight Management
Are you interested in a stop-smoking program?
When you lack motivation to overcome barriers to better health, what are the top three barriers that prevent you from participating in wellness activities.
Barrier #1
Barrier #2
Barrier #3
Inconvenient time or location
Other priorities/commitments (family, school, second job, etc.)
I do not have a support system or anyone to hold me accountable
Privacy/Confidentiality: concern about others seeing me workout or knowing my health information
Lack of energy, too tired during free time
Don't like to sweat
Can't find an activity I enjoy
Please select which option describes you best.
Please specify your interest in participating in health programs during the following times.
SCOE will be sponsoring activities for all employees during the 2017-18 school year. What are your top three interests?
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
5k Team
Weekly Walking Group
Lunch n Learn Offerings
Blood Drive
Know Your Numbers/Health Screening
Do you have any other comments or feedback you would like the Wellness Committee to know?
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