Cyber Security Summer Camps '17- June 12th-July 7th-
Cyber security Summer Camp 2017
Priority will be given to first time or new applicants and complete application.
The following documents are required to complete the application process:
1) Transcript from the school
2) Two letters of recommendation from Computer Science, Mathematics or Science Teacher. Please use the following form:
3) Essay (explain why attending the Cybersecurity camp is important for pursuing your career path (200 words minimum)
4) Proof of US Citizenship/Permanent Residency
5) Photo released form available at:
Email address
University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas Campus
First name
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Last Name
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Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy)
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In-coming grade next year
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Phone number
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Name of School (Virgin Islands only)
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Are you planning to participate in 2017-2018 Cyber Patriot Competition?
Please read the following information before answering the question:
If you answered "YES" at the previous question, how many hours per week will you be able to dedicate in preparation of the 2017-2018 Cyber Patriot competition?
We expect students to reserve 2 hours/week for training before the competition
Explain in details your career goals and why are you interested in participating in the Cyber Security camp (200 words minimum)
The summer camp is designed to recruit talented Virgin Islanders in computing related fields
Your answer
Please indicate the last day of class for your school
We try to adjust the schedule in order to allow students grades 6-12 from most school to participate
Please indicate which week(s) you will be able to participate in the camp
In order to increase student participation we might be invited to a maximum of two weeks.
The following documents will be required once the application has been approved.
Deadlines: June 7th for week one- June 12 for weeks two, three or four
This form is only an application and does not guarantee an automatic registration to the program.
Please complete the captcha before submitting the form.
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