NICU Photography Session October 14th
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I hereby give permission for the Capturing Hopes affiliated photographer to photograph both my child and any family members present during the session each time that I set up a scheduled session with one of their Hope Photographers. *
I hereby give Capturing Hope Photography Inc. permission to use my child's photos and/or photos of family members and friends who were present during the session(s) for promotional and training purposes, including in the areas of social media, website, news stories, blogs, and promotional materials both in print and online with the purpose of promoting prematurity awareness worldwide. *
*A sneak peek is posted on social media within 5 days if you agree below.
Capturing Hopes will email a beautifully edited photo gallery of images from your child’s session free of charge to you. All photos are high resolution and can be downloaded and printed by anyone that you allow to access the gallery. You will also receive a print release allowing you unlimited printing rights for those photos. Capturing Hopes remains the sole copyright owner of the photos and must be credited in any promotional medium that the photos are used, including but not limited to: news articles, online blogs, magazines, hospital promotions, news media stories, business promotions, and photo competitions. Capturing Hopes must give written permission for any photos to be used in any of these mediums and must have knowledge prior to use. Please sign below indicating that you understand both the copyright and printing rights included with your photo session. NOTE: This must be signed prior to booking a session with Capturing Hopes Photography *
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