Survey of Legal Barriers for Women in Transition
The Marigold Project: Empowering Women as They Navigate the Barriers of Transition

Dear Participant,

You are invited to participate in a study that looks at the legal barriers of women in transition. The purpose of this study is to determine the most challenging barriers that women face as they navigate transitions in their lives. Our goal is to create resources to address those needs. You have been selected for participation in this survey because you have self-identified as a woman experiencing a transitional period in her life.

If you decide to participate, please answer the following questions. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the survey. Your completion indicates your consent to participate in this study.

The survey is designed to identify areas in which women need legal assistance. You will be asked to answer questions about your current life situation regarding employment, housing, access to food, parental rights, personal safety rights, expungement rights, and your ability to access assistance with these issues. No benefits accrue to you for answering the survey, but your responses will be used to create gender-responsive resources to help women navigate the barriers in transition. Any discomfort may be due to emotional responses to questions, but they are not expected to be any greater than anything you encounter in everyday life. Data will be collected using the Internet. Confidentiality will be maintained to the degree permitted by the technology used.

Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your future relationships with The Marigold Project as we hope you reach out to us for assistance in the future. If you decide to participate, you are free to stop at any time; you may also skip questions if you don't want to answer them or you may choose not to return the survey.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding this study. You may contact me if you have additional questions at:

Phyllis Trettien
Program Director

Thank you for your time and assistance in this important project.


Phyllis Trettien
Program Director
I confirm that I have read this form regarding the project described above. Its general purposes, the particulars of involvement, and possible risks and inconveniences have been explained to my satisfaction. I understand that I can discontinue participation at any time. My consent also indicates that I am at least 18 years of age. [Please feel free to print a copy of this consent form.]
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