Dates for Healing from Marginalization Training
Sandra Kim, Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human, is offering a 3-day training on Healing from Marginalization for people of color who've taken the Liberation Logic training. She is also offering a Healing from Internalized Whiteness for white folks who've taken LL so we can build out our capacity to do inner work and multi-racial transformative relationships together.

Training Curriculum
- Day 1: Understanding the Framework of Healing from Marginalization
- Day 2: How We Can Heal Ourselves
- Day 3: How We Can Heal Our Relationships

To learn more, please go to: Please note that this description is for an online course so isn't exactly the same as this training but has the same approach.

Logistical Information:
- Held on a Thursday - Saturday or Friday - Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm
- Hosted at Sandra's condo in Takoma Park/Langley Park (folks can get picked up from the Fort Totten metro that's 15 min away, if they want)
- Breakfast will be provided by Sandra
- Lunch will be a potluck provided by the participants

Registration Fees:
Since the venue and lunch will be free, we're able to have a reduced registration fee than normal - yay!
- Regular fee: $300 (if you make more than $30K and less than $80K per year)
- Subsidized fee: $200 (if you make less than $30K per year)
- Sponsorship fee: $400 (if you make more than $80K per year)
- Work exchange: One slot for someone for whom $200 is a financial hardship and can provide logistical support to Sandra in exchange for free registration. Note in the questions and comment box if you're interested.

If you're interested in attending the training, please fill out the form below! She will be in contact about final dates and registration.

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What days could you attend? Thur-Sat is preferred in order to give people time to rest and absorb the content on Sunday - but if you absolutely can't, please choose what works for you.
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