AIM KS Affiliate Church Application
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Does your church leadership, at least as a leading body if not unanimously, substantially agree with all of the 12 Principles of loving your preborn neighbor according to Scripture?

(Go here to see the full explanations)
Does your church believe that God’s Word as revealed in the 66 books of the Holy Scriptures is sufficient, inerrant, and perspicuous? *
Does your church believe that ministry to the preborn is not something to outsource or put off, but is the job of God’s Church and should be sought by her as urgently as the Spirit enables? *
Do you want your church to be displayed on our Network map of affiliate churches online?
Once approved, the powers of an affiliate church are

1. It can be added to a public directory of churches which support the mission to abolish abortion in Kansas Biblically, that is, immediately without compromise or exception. 2. It is approved to represent AIM KS and to join in all delegated duties, activities, and ministry. 3. It can cease to be an Affiliate Church at will by informing Leadership in writing.

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