Client Feedback Survey 2018
Northside's tagline is "Exceptional People, Courageous Practice". We can't strive towards this without knowing if we are on track. Can you help by letting us know?

We have created this short survey to understand your experience of our services to date and to see if there are areas we can improve, grow and innovate. We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas.

All responses are confidential and information is de-identified, and will only be utilised by the Senior Management Team.

Have you had contact with Northside in the last six months? *
Age - check the option that applies to you *
Which Northside programs or services have you used in the last 6 months? Please tick all that apply. *
To what extent do the following words of phrases fit your impressions of the Northside team members you deal with most often? *
Not sure
They work in partnership with me
They provide more than I expected
They are willing to take on a challenge
They think outside the square
They keep me informed and up to date
They demonstrate respect and integrity
They take their time to 'get it right'
They understand the challenges I face
They are knowledgeable and connected
Please rate the following in order of importance in relation to your decision to receive and participate in Northside's services/programs/activities. *
1 - most important
5 - least important
Qualification and experience of staffing team providing the service
Personal tailored approach of the team members who provide the service
Quality of resources and facilities
Value for money (if using a fee-for-service or consumer-directed package)
Reputation of the organisation as a whole
Team members that go 'above and beyond'
How satisfied have you been with the following aspects of service you have received from us? *
Very Happy
Not Sure
Very Unhappy
Gaining access to the service
Quality of service provided
Our communication with you
Timeliness of service delivered
The extent to which the service met your expectations
The cost of the service
Overall experience with the service
Would you recommend Northside programs to your family and friends? *
Could you please tell us a bit more about the reason for your opinion in the question above?
Your answer
In your opinion, what could our team do to improve your experience with Northside?
Your answer
What other services or opportunities would you like to see our team offer in the future?
Your answer
Is there anything else you would like us to know/tell us about your experience with Northside?
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