Summer Reading Program Evaluation
We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve!
Registration this year (in late May) was pretty informal *
Is there anything you feel would help ensure people know about and register for the summer reading program?
A variety of programs were offered each week. We participated *
We would have participated more often if
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The summer reading program was 8 weeks this year. *
Do you have any comments about when summer reading should begin, how long it should go, or how to get more people involved each week?
Our favorite activities were
Books were reading level prizes this year with grand prize drawings. *
This year, our sessions were shorter so we did not have snacks (though we often had suckers or other treats). *
If you or someone in your family participated in the teen or adult reading challenge, please give your thoughts. *
Was COVID-19 a factor that impacted your participation in this year's summer reading activities? *
Please tell us anything else that you feel might help us as we start planning for next year. *
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